The Mission of Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation is to access and empower individuals to pursue a career in the construction industry that will lead to a more sustainable workforce.


The Vision of the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation: Every Hoosier will have the knowledge to access and develop a career in the construction industry and related fields.

Our Values

Inclusion: Inclusions represents the idea that a career in the construction industries and related fields are available to all people regardless their background and abilities.

Safety: Safety represents the idea that an educated and equipped workforce is a safer workforce.

Quality: Quality is expressed through a well trained workforce leading to a high quality of construction and a more sustainable workforce.

Education: Education is expressed through the importance of educating the citizens of Indiana on the opportunities in the construction industries and related fields.

Impact: Impact represents our commitment to make a difference in individuals lives who have an affinity and interest in developing a career in the construction industries and related fields.

History of the Foundation

The Indiana Construction Roundtable (ICR) was formed to represent the construction consumer and to connect them with the industry in a way that would be beneficial to both parties. The ICR board meets on a bimonthly basis and discusses how they can best advance Indiana’s construction industry. It is through board discussion that they were able to identify a need within the industry to grow the current workforce through making sure that every Hoosier had the knowledge and opportunity to pursue a career in construction and related fields.

The ICR board decided it was necessary to create the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation to address Indiana’s construction workforce and economic development needs with a targeted focus on safety, quality, and opportunity in the construction industry. Through the ICR Board’s dedication and determination, the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation (501c3) was formed in June 2015.

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation is dedicated to bettering Indiana and Indiana’s construction industry. The first program that was created to address the future of Indiana’s workforce is Build Your Future Indiana. Build Your Future Indiana’s goal is to get more young people interested in the construction world and to educate students and their influencers about all of the amazing opportunities available through apprenticeships and college programs with a focus on commercial, industrial, and horizontal construction.

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation Board is forward focused. Programs that foster growth for underutilized businesses, reach out to women and people of color to bring more diversity to the industry, increase safety for the construction worker and the general public, and increase the quality of the workforce and the work being done in Indiana.

Social and Societal Needs the Foundation Addresses

There are many societal benefits from the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation achieving our vision. The benefits can be broken down to two categories workforce development and economic development though many outcomes fall into both categories.

Workforce Development

Construction companies need to continue to fill their rosters with qualified individuals to make sure work gets done and things are built. Current estimates puts the Indiana construction workforce 61,000 people shy of what it needs to be to complete all the projects that are on the books in 2018. If we do not have the workforce to build the projects, they will either not be built in Indiana or the workforce will be sought from out of state.

For those who are seeking a job in the construction industry or related fields the economic impact to them personally will be great. Going into an apprenticeship program allows someone to train for a career and gain skills that are in high demand, all while being paid. The barriers to getting into an apprenticeship program are minimal compared to attending a traditional four year college or university and the rewards are great. The average Hoosier construction worker makes twice that of the average Hoosier. The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation is working to educate Hoosiers on these opportunities and to help connect people to an excellent career.

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation is also looking at expanding the traditional construction workforce to make sure that those who are currently underrepresented in the workforce, women and people of color, are shown the opportunities an encouraged to pursue a career in construction. We are also working to grow women, minority and veteran owned businesses that work inside the industry to give them the opportunity to grow and bid on projects competitively. We know that fostering a stronger workforce starts by engaging and educating everyone on the opportunities in the industry.

Programs and Services

Our programs focus on educating people about the world of construction, what careers are available and what they actually do, the education required for those careers, and the benefits of working in construction. The goal for these programs is to not only draw more people into the industry but change the public’s perception of what a skilled tradesman is.

Goals and Outcomes of Programs and Services
  • Increasing enrollment in construction-related CTE programs
  • Increasing enrollment in Department of Labor approved apprenticeship programs
  • Changing the public perception of the construction industry and educating people on the benefits of the construction career path
  • Working with existing businesses to diversify their workforce, and to grow the capacity of under-utilized business enterprises
  • Increase the number of women in our industry, to more accurately represent the population of our communities. Currently, our industry is made up of approximately 2.8% women.
  • To offer experiential learning projects that help to build stronger communities, while also raising awareness for careers in the construction industry.
What makes the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation unique?

The Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation is the first and only concerted effort by the construction industry as a whole to address the workforce shortage. Our board consists of stakeholders from the construction industry and education. We are approaching the shortage from a holistic approach by not only focusing on the immediate needs of the industry, but in changing perceptions of what the industry is to grow the industry for long term workforce success.